Dental Night Guard


Custom Dental Night Guard Made from an advanced acrylic resin material, SuperSmileWow’s custom-made dental night guard offers a remarkable solution that eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional bulky night guards. Our experienced dental lab custom manufactures a firm dental night guard based on dental impressions that you take of your mouth in the comfort of home. SIMPLE, AT HOME KIT | We mail you at-home dental impression trays. After taking your impressions, return to our labs with the included postage-free envelope, & within 2 weeks, receive custom top and bottom night guards (2 guards) that fit perfectly.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Convenient; easy to put on and take off
  • Looks very natural
  • At-Home impression kit included with easy to follow instructions- Each kit is for individual us

Dental Night Guard

Custom Dental Night Guard Made from an advanced acrylic resin material

SAY GOODNIGHT TO PAIN WITH A TAILOR FITTED MOUTH GUARD | Our custom made night guards are just 1-mm thick, made from a hard-soft plastic material giving you the protection of a hard guard and comfort of a soft night guard so you can sleep comfortably. TEETH GRINDING MOUTH GUARD FOR SLEEP | Get nighttime tooth pain relief with our protective bite guard for teeth clenching. Our night guards for teeth grinding also help with jaw pain. Make sore jaws and sensitive teeth a case of the past! DENTAL-GRADE AT A FRACTION OF THE COST | Don’t pay hundreds for grinding and TMJ pain relief products. Receive the same, made in the USA, personalized sleeping mouth guard for grinding and clenching for hundreds of dollars less. Dentist quality without visiting the dentist! A DENTAL GRADE, BPA FREE MOUTHGUARD | Best of all you can feel safe knowing the kit and guard are Made in America. If your sleep mouth guard for grinding isn’t perfect, return it no-risk within 30 days.


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